Matirx ——This is our third generation ceramic 3D printer project.

Eazao Matrix

Print up to 28” in height, multi-materials and air chamber extruder. Matrix is the ultimate next-generation 3D printer for pottery, creative construction and education.

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Eazao Zero

Now we present a truly next-generation ceramic printer, the Eazao Zero has arrived. Eazao Zero is easy to use, produces brilliant ceramics, and features all the upgrades that our community asked for. Get ready for an incredible ceramic 3D printing experience that turns your home into a custom pottery studio.

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Eazao Bio

Eazao Bio is a machine for micro-fluid 3D printing in the laboratory. It is equipped with a 30ml standard material tube, and 3D printing experiments can be carried out with a minimum of 5ml material. And the direct extrusion methodhas better compatibility with materials.

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Eazao Mega 5

The Eazao Mega 5 is our largest 3d Clay printer with a 32bit operating system, full-color touch screen, dust resistance module, and a massive build volume of 370 x 390 x 470mm.

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Ceramic 3D Printer Air Kit | Eazao Air Kit

More affordable, you can upgrade your FDM printer to a ceramic 3D printer using this Air kit. 

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Ceramic 3D Printer Kit | Eazao Kit

Using this kit, you can upgrade your FDM printer to a ceramic 3D printer.

This kit is suitable for all FDM open-source 3D printers.

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This is the most recent addition to my equipment, sent by the Chinese company for me to have a look at. Much the same size as my original JK Delta this has a screw/auger printhead and clay delivery is via compressed air or mechanical ram. I have used it for doing a bunch of tests and it works well.

Jonathan Keep

Artist potter


The Eazao is a kickstarter, so do your own research before giving money. I personally wanted to play with ceramics enough that I backed their first kickstarter and I was happy to see this one appear. The Cerambot Eazao is a new 3d printer specifically for ceramics. For more information:


Caleb Kraft


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Eazao Frequently Asked Questions

This article explains common problems such as the complete machine, electric putter, extruder, precautions, etc.