Eazao store affiliate program

Eazao implements an alliance promotion plan to promote the development of the ceramic 3D printing industry. If you are willing to help us promote Eazao’s products, you can contact us directly ([email protected]) , we will give you the promotion code and alliance ratio, and you will get a rich report from the promotion.

Affiliate promotion, commission, cash back and VIP customers and other attachment terms:

1. Violation of the rules of the Eazao affiliate program will result in the inability to withdraw any funds. 

2.It is considered the same customer if the following terms are met:

  • The same user ID;
  • Different user IDs, but with the same (including similar, nearby, fictitious) delivery address, contact information, and recipient (except for the contract name)

3.Withdrawal time for affiliate programs, etc.: 185 days after the associated user places an order.

4.Eazao reserves the right of final interpretation of matters not stated.