Ceramic 3D printing clay preparation tutorial

Keywords: 5ml syringe, electronic scale (range not less than 3KG), 2.5-3KG

Clay hardness judgment:

First, adjust the clay to a suitable hardness: clay is not sticky.
Then rub a long strip of clay into the syringe, and push the end of the syringe by hand until mud comes out of the front of the syringe.
Place the syringe vertically on the electronic scale, press the syringe by hand, observe the front end of the syringe and the electronic scale, when the syringe is out of the clay and the electronic scale reads about 2.5-3KG.
You can refer to the following video:

At this time, the softness and hardness of the clay is suitable, and the clay can be filled into the cartridge.

Clay filling method:

When filling clay such as a cartridge, you can knead the clay into a cylinder and put it into the cartridge at one time, so that there are few bubbles in the cartridge. Or refer to the method in the video:

Reference link:


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