Eazao ceramic 3D printer maintenance after printing

Equipment maintenance is a very important part of the use of ceramic 3D printers. After printing, be sure to maintain the cartridge, feeding tube and extruder, otherwise the mud will be solidified and hardened inside, which will affect the next use.

1.Extruder maintenance

Loosen the side and rear M4 bolts on the extruder fixing seat, and pull out the extruder from the extruder fixing seat. Hold the motor part of the extruder(A) and the extruder sleeve(B) respectively, and rotate the motor part of the extruder counterclockwise to disassemble the extruder and pull out the extruder sleeve backwards.

The sleeve part of the extruder(B) can be directly immersed in water, the tail of the extruder carries the screw, oil seal, and the bearing part with a damp cloth and dried. After cleaning, the extruder needs to be reassembled and installed in place. The printer needs to be leveled the next time it is used.

If you do not print for a short time, you can take a cup of water, place the cup on the printing platform, and let the nozzle of the extruder immerse in the water, which can slow down the curing of the extruder.

Note: Due to the particularity of ceramic printing materials, ceramics are abrasives, which will aggravate the abrasion of the equipment feeding and extrusion system. Therefore, nozzles, feeding pipes, extrusion screws, sealing rings, sealed bearings, joints, pistons and barrels are vulnerable parts that are not covered by the warranty. You can buy more as a backup.

2.Cartridge maintenance

Return the electric putter through the screen interface. Remove the cartridge, if there is clay inside, seal the end of the cartridge and the end of the clay outlet, cover with a damp cloth, and place the cartridge in a damp and cool place. The piston inside the cartridge can be inserted from the clay outlet through a long stick to push the piston out. Or directly replace the new feeding tube.  

3. Feeding tube maintenance

Remove the feeding tube and soak it in water. If you need to clean the printing material inside the feeding tube, after soaking the feeding tube for a long time, you can use a slender iron wire to dredge the inside of the feeding tube. Or directly replace the new feeding tube.

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