Eazao Ceramic 3D Printer Software

The major upgrade of the Eazao 3D printer this time is the software part. We cooperated with the Shandong University IRC Laboratory to develop a series of software specifically for ceramic 3D printing, which will greatly enhance the experience of Eazao 3D printers and lower the entry barrier.

The software will be released for free in the near future. The software is in the stage of intensive improvement. We integrate modeling and slicing together to achieve a seamless connection between design and manufacturing. It is currently divided into the following four sections: sweeping modeling, lofting modeling, rotation modeling, and texture mapping. At the same time, we also developed an interactive modeling tool based on leapmotion.

Sweeping modeling: This modeling method is similar to the sweeping modeling in the 3D modeling software. The model is generated by defining the sweeping line and the trajectory line, and the path can be directly derived. The software has been published in computer graphics, the specific details of the software can be viewed here: Sweeping Modeling

Sweeping modeling pipeline

Sweeping modeling software

Lofting modeling: lofting modeling is equivalent to lofting modeling in 3D modeling. Model generation is achieved by defining the upper top surface and the lower bottom surface. At the same time, the texture can be directly generated on the model surface to increase the beauty of the model and also realize the wave model. design.

Lofting modeling pipeline

Rotation modeling: This modeling tool realizes the design of a rotating vase by dragging the points on the contour of the model with the mouse. Download here: Ceramsoft.

Rotating software

Texture mapping: This tool is designed to add complex surface textures to the printed model. If you have generated a gcode model through other slicing software, you can use this software to map the surface of the model and design complex textures, such as knitting, bark and other textures.

Texture mapping  software

Leapmotion modeling: We use virtual reality technology to simulate the traditional pottery process, and the model to be printed can be generated by dancing with both hands.

Ceram-pottery  software

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  1. regmail says:

    What this information reveals is that Eazao is not only addressing the hardware needs for printing in ceramic; but, looking for ways to help clay artists that do not have a deep background in organic 3D design to be able to more easily and quickly create unique and interesting 3D printed shapes. The student I teach are familiar with Moment of Inspiration which is great for creating basic shapes. But, having these tools that add additional levels of texture would be very appreciated!

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