Eazao Frequently Asked Questions

1. Machine failure

1) Unable to read the Gcode fle in the SD card :
a) Check whether the SD card is in FAT32 format and whether the capacity is less than 8GB.
b) Format the SD card, you can download the fles in the SD card from Eazao ofcial website.
c) Check whether the fle is placed in the root directory of the SD card.
d) Restart the power of the machine, wipe the SD card and insert it.
e) Use a qualifed SD card (the random SD card is a gift).
2). The progress bar on the screen shows that the time is also changing, but the printer does not work.
Set the printing material and hot bed temperature to 0° C in Cura.
3). The Y axis cannot be controlled through the screen.
Check whether the Y-axis synchronous belt is off. If the Y-axis synchronization belt is loose, please refer to the tutorial:
4) There are slight scratches on the equipment casing and electric push rod or slight unevenness on the platform, which is normal if it does not affect normal printing.

2. Malfunction of the electric putter

1) The motor in the electric putter does not rotate, and the motor buzzes.
You can pinch the flange side of the electric putter with your hand to feel whether the electric putter is moving forward and backward. If there is no forward or backward movement, the four bolts that fx the motor of the electric putter need to be rotated counterclockwise to loosen it.
Check here:

2) The rotation of the motor in the electric putter is stuck, and the motor makes a clicking sound. At the same time, the extruder does not produce clay.
At this time, the extrusion should be stopped immediately. Pull out the feeding tube from the side of the extruder, select the electric putter to pre-extrude the clay, and observe whether there is clay extrusion at the outlet of the feeding tube.

a) If there is clay extrusion in the feeding tube, it means that the clay inside the extruder is solidified, and the extruder needs to be disassembled and cleaned again. The specifc operation depends on the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.
b) If there is no clay extrusion in the feeding tube, pull the feeding tube out of the clay outlet side of the barrel in the electric putter, and again choose to let the electric putter pre-extrude the clay.
i. If there is clay extrusion at the outlet of the electric putter cartridge at this time, it means that the feeding tube is blocked and a new one needs to be replaced.
ii. If no clay is extruded from the outlet of the cartridge, it means that the clay inside the cartridge is solidifed or uneven, and the clay needs to be reprocessed and flled.
3) The electric putter makes an abnormal sound when the new material tube is installed or not installed.
When the thrust block of the electric putter retracted to the side close to the motor, it was stuck due to the too close to the reducer. Need to unscrew the thrust block, then push the electric putter forward, and fnally install the thrust block.
4) The motor in the electric putter generates severe heat.
At this time, the printer needs to be stopped. Because the clay is too hard, the torque required by the electric putter is greater, and the motor’s output current is too large, which causes the motor to overheat. The clay can be appropriately softened and the entire feeding system is checked for hard clay.
5)The electric putter works normally, but it makes periodic abnormal noises. This is normal wear and tear.

3. Extruder failure

The extruder motor rotates and freezes.
Check whether the wiring of the extruder is normal. If it is normal, turn the extruder screw by hand after turning off the power of the equipment. If the rotation resistance is too large, the bearings in the extruder will be seriously rusted. You can drop a few drops of lubricating oil on the bearings or directly replace them with new ones.

4. Matters needing attention

1) When reusing after a long period of stagnation (more than 1 hour), first remove the feeding tube from the extruder, select the pre-extrusion
mode, and extrude the hardened clay from the feeding tube to ensure the printing time The clay is moderate in hardness. At the same time,
clean the clay in the extruder, and make sure that there is no too hard clay to block the extruder or the feeding tube every time it is used.
2) The machine is in a self-locking state (x, y, and z axes will be locked) within a short period of time after the pause (about 30s), and you can
change the cartridge or do other actions at this time. The x, y, and z axes will become loose after a long pause. At this time, be careful to touch
the machine to ensure that it will not be misaligned.

5.Voltage and power plugs supported by Eazao Zero

1) Input voltage supported by Eazao Zero: AC 100-240V~50/60Hz.
2) Eazao Zero supports three types of plugs as shown in the figure below: US Plug, EU Plug, UK Plug. You can note the plug model when placing an order:

6.The principle of push rod pushing clay forward:

The piston pushes the clay close to the piston forward. This part of the clay is compressed and hardened, and then continues to push forward. The soft clay in front becomes hard and continues to move forward. During the pushing process, some water will precipitate from the clay. This is the physical property of clay: water bleeding.
During this process, part of the clay will be compressed and hardened. When the push rod moves until the clay is exhausted, the inside of the cartridge is basically filled with relatively hard clay, so there will be noise and it will not be pushed.

7.So how to solve the problem of printing push rod noise at the end of the cartridge?

You need to soften the clay while also making it evenly soft. Make sure that every part of the clay is soft and there are no hard lumps. In addition, you also need to make sure that there are no impurities in the clay, such as plastic bag fragments, etc., which can block the pipe and cause blockage.
If a blockage occurs, you need to unplug the feed tube from the extruder, extrude a portion of the clay, clean the extruder, and then print again. Or replace the cartridge with a new clay.

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  1. Maureen Gamal says:

    I’ve attached all my extruder parts and loaded my clay following your “FDM Upgrade Kit | Upgrade Ender 3 to Ceramic 3D Printer” on your youtube channel, however, clay is not extruding. Do you have any advice as to what I may be doing wrong?

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