Eazao Zero Repetier-host usage tutorial

Through Repetier-host, you can directly connect to the Eazao printer through the PC to realize the control of the Eazao, and send files directly from the PC through the USB cable to make the Eazao printer work.

1. Install Repetier-host for Eazao Zero

[1] Get the installation files from:
a) The supplied SD card.
b) Online. https://www.repetier.com/download-now/ Then Repetier-Host -> Installation[2] Follow instructions during installation.[3] At some point during the installation it asks to install Repetier-Server. This is not recommended to start with, so cancel this at this point. If you still want to install it, please make sure there is an internet connection it will try to download the installation files.

What is repetier-server?
Repetier-Server enables you to control your printer via a web browser and enables access to your printer from within the local network.

[4] Finally, please follow the software installation steps to install the driver.

2. Run Repetier-host for Eazao Zero

[1] Start Repetier-host program.
[2] Plugin the USB cable in the printer and Computer and turn on the printer.
[3] Go to Printer Settings

[4] Set the printer type, refer to the picture.

[5] Check in the Port settings, if you see anything other than Auto. If yes, that is most likely the port for your Eazao Zero 3D printer. If no, the printer is either not plugged in or not recognized by your computer. If this is the case, please make sure the printer is turned on and make sure the driver installation is done properly during installation of repetier-host. If the connection is unsuccessful, you can check if there are other ports, such as COM1, COM2, COM3, or COM4, etc until you find the port belonging to Eazao Zero.

[6] Baud rate selection 250000

[7] Press OK to close the window[8] In the main window,
a) press the connect button.
b) The connection icon should change.
c) Another indication to see if the printer is properly connected is the bottom of the window. It should display that the printer is connected.

3. Import gcode file

[1] Press the Load button to import an *.gcode file.
[2] Search the file to print In this example we take the cup_texture.gcode, locate this file on the supplied SD card or get it online in our download section.
[3] The 3D object will be shown in the 3D view window.[4] You can also edit the gcode file in the G-code Editor, and you can perform printing after editing

4. Print

After import gcode file you will see a preview of how the object will be printed.[1] Inspect the sliced object in slice preview mode and verify if it is what you expect.[2] Print the object via
a) USB connection if printer is connected or
b) Save print file (*.gcode) to a SD card or locally on your disc for later printing.

[3] The interface will jump to the Manual Control Tab, where online parameters can optionally be adjusted during printing.

For prints longer than 6 hours we recommend to print via SD card. This reduces chances of failure. Computers are able to restart themselves or turn of or go into hibernation, start an unwanted auto update, reset USB connection if plugging in new devices. This causes the print to stop resulting in a failed print and wasted clay.

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