Electric putter – No response/Vibration/Noise

The electric putter does not move or vibrates and makes abnormal noises.

Case 1: The electric putter occurs during the printing process when the barrel is installed

Reason (1): clay becomes hard

Or: Clay preperation for Delta 3D Printing

  • The clay has been stored for a long time, and the water analysis shows: squeeze the clay and replace with new clay.

Reason (2) too much pressure in the cartridge

  • The pre-extrusion distance is too long: After pause, in the BackPutter mode of the extruder, go back 50 or 100, then switch to the Printputter mode again to resume printing.
  • In the Start G-code, the ratio of S0:S1 in the M163 instruction is slightly smaller: adjust the ratio of M163 in the initial G-code to increase the ratio of S0:S1. You can refer to:Summary of Eazao Zero electric putter problems

Case 2: When the electric putter is not equipped with a cartridge, or when it is used for the first time

Reason (1): mechanical failure

  • The mechanical parts are too tight and stuck: slightly loosen the four bolts that fix the corners of the stepper motor on the reducer, so that the motor can move normally.
  • The rotor shaft is not firmly connected: check the condition of the rotor shaft, and with the help of a screwdriver and a hammer, knock down the rotor shaft of the electric push rod motor to move it down. Generally, the distance between the end face of the rotor shaft and the rear cover of the motor is about 3mm.

(Please refer to the Eazao Zero Manual, or the official website tutorial: :Summary of Eazao Zero electric putter problems)

Reason (2) Motor wiring failure

  • Stepper motor phase loss: check the pin condition of the motor socket to see if the pin is skewed causing the motor phase loss.


  • Stepper motor is out of phase: check the wire sequence of the motor to see if the wire is misaligned, causing the wrong phase. 


Case 3: It is not the above two cases, and then when the stepping motor is separately removed for inspection

Reason (1): Wiring error of stepper motor driver

  • The drive is not powered: check the power wiring of the drive for virtual or wrong connections. Generally, the red wire is connected to +12/24V, and the black wire is connected to GND.                                                     


  • Driver wiring error: 
  • Make sure that the wiring of the driver board does not press the plastic sleeve, and ensure that the copper wire inside is connected to the driver. Please refer to the following figure for the wiring sequence:

  • Check the driver’s signal line, whether the signal line is wired in accordance with the common anode connection, whether there is a virtual connection in the wiring, and whether the motor line is misaligned.【The logos on the controller and the drive, PUL (Pulse), STEP and CLK (Clock) are all one meaning, referring to the pulse signal of the motor; DIR (Direction), CW (Clock Wise) and CCW (Counter Clock Wise) are all It is a meaning, referring to the direction signal of the motor.】

Reason (2): Stepper motor driver failure (rarely)

  • Drive indicator light is off: Open the bottom of the printer chassis and check the stepper motor drive indicator under the condition that the power cord is connected correctly. If the indicator light is off, it means that the drive is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Reason (3): The stepper motor is damaged (rarely)

  • Stepper motor failure: After removing the above two reasons, if the problem still cannot be solved, replace the stepper motor with a new one. The rest remain the same, and the motor resumes rotation, indicating that the old stepper motor is faulty.

If none of the above can help you solve the problem of “the electric putter does not move or vibrates abnormally”, please send an email to contact us for help, address: support@eazao.com

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