FDM ceramic 3D printer upgrade kit tutorial

This kit is suitable for all FDM open source 3D printers. The following tutorial uses Ender 3 as an example to introduce. You can find here: Ceramic 3D Printer Kit

This kit contains the following parts:

1 x Eazao Zero electric putter kit, 1 x Eazao independent control board, 1 x 12V power adapter, 1 x Ender 3 adapter, 1 x Tube.

For technical questions, please contact: support@eazao.com.

First step:

First, you need to assemble the electric putter part of the ceramic upgrade kit first. The electric putter assembly tutorial can be viewed here: Electric putter assembly tutorial


The second step:

***It is not necessary to upload the firmware, you can use the original firmware without uploading the firmware.

Upload the modified Ender 3 Marlin firmware to Ender 3: https://github.com/Eazao/Ceramic-Upgrade-Kit-Firmware

  1. First download the modified firmware-20210707-EAZAO-Creality Ender3.bin file from github, and copy the firmware-20210707-EAZAO-Creality Ender3.bin file into the TF card.
  2. Insert the TF card into Ender 3 when Ender 3 is off, and turn it on.
  3. Ender 3 firmware update is complete.

Note: If you want to switch to Ender 3 original FDM printing, you need to upload Ender 3 original firmware-20210707-Creality Ender3.bin file.

For other printer firmware tutorials, please refer to:Eazao kit firmware tutorial for other printers

Third step:

Remove the original FDM extrusion head of Ender 3, install the Ender 3 adapter, and level it. When the Z axis is reset to zero, the direct distance between the nozzle and the board is the distance of a piece of A4 paper.

The fourth step:

Install the clay and pre-extrude the clay through the Eazao independent control panel. After the pre-extrusion is completed, you can print on the LCD screen. At this time, you need to ensure that the Eazao independent control panel is turned on and the clay is coming from the nozzle. 

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Eazao Zero electric putter assembly tutorial:

Eazao independent control panel introduction:

  1. The upper black knob is the electric putter speed control knob. Rotate clockwise, the moving speed of the electric putter becomes faster, and rotate counterclockwise, the moving speed of the electric putter becomes slower. You need to turn the black knob counterclockwise to the lowest position when you just start it.
  2. The lower left button is the power switch of the control panel.
  3. CW and CCW are the moving directions of the electric push rod, where CW is the backward direction of the electric putter, and CCW is the forward direction of the electric putter.
  4. The control option selects “hard” mode.
  5. OUT is connected to the electric putter motor cable.
  6. In the small hole above OUT, the current of the electric putter can be adjusted. As shown in the figure, it is 1.5A. The greater the current, the greater the torque and the greater the thrust, but it is not allowed to work at 3A for a long time. The clockwise current decreases, and the counterclockwise current increases. When adjusting the current, you need to cut off the power and be careful to prevent damage to the current adjustment knob.

21 thoughts on “FDM ceramic 3D printer upgrade kit tutorial

  1. Cameron Kirby says:

    i have this intalled in my printer, but it doesnt move with input from the printer, only input from the speed knob. what am i missing here

    • Jony says:

      The kit is independently controlled, the Eazao Kit is not connected to the printer, and the clay output is adjusted through the knob. Which FDM printer are you using?

  2. Josue says:

    I just bought the ceramic 3d printer kit. I have a Creality Ender Max.
    Can I use the same firmware as in the Ender 3 or what parameters I have to change?
    Thanks in advance

  3. Oliver Kellhammer says:

    I’ve made all the correct connections but the electric putter motor doesn’t work. There is a green and blue LED lighting up on the controller board but it doesn’t seem to generate any pulses. The hard/soft switch was lying loose in the shipping envelope, but I installed it over the jumper terminal. How can I move forward?? I’d love to start printing soon!

  4. Maciej says:

    Hi, would it be possible to apply this firmwear for anycubic predator or ratrig 3.1? Is it possible to change nozzles in this kit? Thanks for asnwere Maciej

  5. Sahir Casallas says:

    y necesitaría de piezas adicionales para la instalación del KIT?
    A qué te refieres con uso sencillo…podrías explicarme esto por favor. La quiero usar principalmente para hacer maquetas y algunas piezas de arte.

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