Matrix modified to Z-axis side limit tutorial

Matrix contains two Z-axis limit methods:

1. Z-axis nozzle setter limit.

2. Z-axis side limit

Matrix adopts the limit method of “Z-axis nozzle setter limit” by default. This method is aimed at printing plates of different thicknesses, without modifying the position of the limit switch, and can automatically adapt the Z-axis distance. As shown below:

If you want to change the Z-axis limit method to the “Z-axis side limit” method, please modify it according to the following procedure.

1. Install the side limit switch: M3-8 bolts and M3 nuts.

2.Install the Z-axis limit nut.

3. Use the 3-conductor harness marked with the number “Z” to connect the Z-axis side limit switch.

4. Use the USB cable harness to connect the printer to the computer, open the software Arduloder.exe, and select the Matrix printer port: COM3 (it may be COM1, 2, etc.). Follow the configuration and order as shown in the figure below, and finally click “Upload” to upload the Z-axis side limit firmware: 20230718_M500 firmware_ Z-axis side limit.hex

File download: Z-axis limit modification document

If you need to restore the original limit setting, you need to upload the Z-axis nozzle setter limit firmware: 20230412_M500 firmware_ Nozzle setter limit.hex

4 thoughts on “Matrix modified to Z-axis side limit tutorial

  1. Chuck Colht says:

    What is the advantage of this change? Is it just so you don’t have to use the limit setter? This seems to assume using the same (or same thickness) build plate.

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