Summary of Eazao Zero electric putter problems

1.Eazao Zero electric putter travels too fast.

The problem of the speed mismatch between the electric putter and the extruder:
When the electric putter moves too fast, it will cause too much clay to overflow on the top of the extruder. At this time, you can adjust the following parameters in the star_gcode of CURA:
M163 S0 P0.9; set mixing coefficient, extruder speed/extruder distribution ratio.
M163 S1 P0.1; Set the mixing factor, electric putter speed/electric putter distribution ratio.
M164 S0; Save the mix.
The gcode above indicates that the speed of the electric putter and the speed of the extruder are 0.9:0.1, you can also adjust to the value you need, such as:0.99:0.01, 0.5:0.5, 0.3:0.7, etc.
The moving speed of the electric putter when the ratio is 0.99:0.01 is less than the moving speed of the electric putter when the ratio is 0.9:0.1.
Note: The distribution ratio needs to meet the conditions (0.99+0.01=1, 0.9+0.1=1)
The following is the statement of M163:

2.The feeding direction of the electric putter is opposite to the feeding direction.

After the electric putter is assembled, the actual photo is shown below:

*Note: The anti-rotation flange and the motor plug socket are on the same side.
In the “Extrusion” option on the screen, click “Out”. If the electric putter is pushed forward, the anti-rotation flange is installed reversely at this time. You need to install the anti-rotation flange and the motor plug socket on the same side.

3.After installing the anti-rotation flange, the push rod does not rotate.

This is our patented design. The anti-rotation flange is used to prevent the screw from rotating. Without it, the screw will only rotate without moving back and forth. You can mark the motor rotor shaft to observe the rotation of the rotor shaft.
The electric putter moves slowly back and forth, which is normal.You can pinch the screw rod near the anti-rotation flange with your hand, start the switch, you will feel the back and forth movement of the screw rod, the movement of the screw rod is very slow, but you can feel it.

4.Electric putter makes an abnormal noise and stalls.

Without installing clay, if during the “pre-putter” operation, the motor of the electric putter makes an abnormal noise and stalls. You should click “shutdown” to stop working immediately.

This problem is caused by that the four bolts that fix the electric putter motor are too tight. You need to rotate the four bolts counterclockwise to loosen the bolts.

Or, with the help of a screwdriver and hammer, knock down the rotor shaft of the electric putter motor to move it down. Under normal circumstances, the distance between the end face of the rotor shaft and the rear cover of the motor is about 3mm, as shown in the figure below.

Note: When knocking on the rotor shaft, you should carefully and slowly knock in to prevent damage to the rotor shaft.

5.The motor in the electric putter does not rotate, and the motor buzzes.

You can pinch the flange side of the electric putter with your hand to feel whether the electric putter is moving forward and backward. If there
is no forward or backward movement, the four bolts that fx the motor of the electric putter need to be rotated counterclockwise to loosen it.

6.The rotation of the motor in the electric putter is stuck, and the motor makes a clicking sound. At the same time, the extruder does not produce clay. 

At this time, the extrusion should be stopped immediately. Pull out the feeding tube from the side of the extruder, select the electric putter to
pre-extrude the clay, and observe whether there is clay extrusion at the outlet of the feeding tube.

a) If there is clay extrusion in the feeding tube, it means that the clay inside the extruder is solidified, and the extruder needs to be
disassembled and cleaned again. The specifc operation depends on the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.

b) If there is no clay extrusion in the feeding tube, pull the feeding tube out of the clay outlet side of the barrel in the electric putter, and again
choose to let the electric putter pre-extrude the clay.

i. If there is clay extrusion at the outlet of the electric putter cartridge at this time, it means that the feeding tube is blocked and a new one
needs to be replaced.
ii. If no clay is extruded from the outlet of the cartridge, it means that the clay inside the cartridge is solidifed or uneven, and the clay needs
to be reprocessed and flled.

7. The electric putter makes an abnormal sound when the new material tube is installed or not installed.

When the thrust block of the electric putter retracted to the side close to the motor, it was stuck due to the too close to the reducer. Need to
unscrew the thrust block, then push the electric putter forward, and fnally install the thrust block.

8.The motor in the electric putter generates severe heat.

At this time, the printer needs to be stopped. Because the clay is too hard, the torque required by the electric putter is greater, and the
motor’s output current is too large, which causes the motor to overheat. The clay can be appropriately softened and the entire feeding
system is checked for hard clay.

9.The electric putter works normally, but it makes periodic abnormal noises. This is normal wear and tear.

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