Which clays can I use for printing?

The Eazao ceramic 3D printer supports most pottery clays, and you can buy them from your local pottery studio or Amazon. We list some of the clays that our customers have used, and give the requirements of ceramic 3D printers for printing clays. 

Can I print with grogged clay?

Yes, here are the clays purchased or used by Eazao’s customers:

Can I use my local clay for printing?

Yes, you can use your local clay for printing. Due to transportation problems, we cannot provide you with the clay we use. You can buy the clay from a local pottery studio for printing. You only need to add water to soften it before use. For the specific method, see the instructions here:
In addition, we have launched clay specially for 3D printing, through vacuum filling, no air bubbles, high printing success rate:
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