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Modular design

large build volume

Eazao Mega 5 provides the largest build volume, measuring 370 x 390 x 470mm. If you build a thing, you know a thing. Building a working 3D printer sounds like a terrifying prospec. We’ve successfully convinced people that they could assemble our original model in 30 minutes on their first try. 

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dust resistance module

Eazao Mega 5’s linear module has been upgraded for easy maintenance. The leadscrew and precision parts are completely enclosed in the aluminum alloy housings, which eliminates the problem of dirt accumulation and ensures better durability.

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All metal advanced clay extruder


For the Eazao Mega 5 Clay printer we developed a new clay extrusion screw which is made of solid stainless steel. The entire extruder adopts standardized pipe thread joints and is easy to disassemble and clean. It can print un-interrupted for days and needs minimal maintenance.

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Dozens of Materials

viscous fluids

Support pottery clay, porcelain clay and other viscous fluids.

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High Quality


For Eazao Mega 5, we used all-metal design. Inside the module we used steel rollers to deliver greater load-bearing capacity and rigidity.

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The aerospace-grade aluminum alloys are made into precision, reliable parts of Eazao modules after a series of processing steps. Each manufacturing process is strictly controlled, and every part is meticulously made. Eazao Mega 5 not only looks premium, but also consistently delivers high performance.

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Easy to use

adapt to a variety of software, support standard Gcode

Eazao Mega 5 supports all slicing software: CURA (recommended), slic3r and simplify3D, etc. It supports standard Gcode input, and you can use plug-ins such as grasshopper to generate Gcode. You can save the Gcode file into the SD card and insert it into the machine to use it.

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full-color touch screen control

Eazao Mega 5 comes with a smart touchscreen that simplifies the workflow of your daily projects, letting you manage the most-used tasks directly from the touchscreen.

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Auto Z-axis limit setting

Z axis limit setting is a tricky process, especially for inexperienced users. To simplify the process, we’ve added the 3D-Touch automatic leveling sensor feature. The 3D Touch sensor can set the Z-axis limit height by itself. This means you can freely print on a platform of any thickness without manually setting the Z-axis limit every time.

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double magazine cartridge design

The total volume of the two cartridges is 3000cc, which is suitable for printing large-size models. The cartridge adopts a threaded quick-release structure, which can suspend printing and install a new ink cartridge during the printing process to realize uninterrupted printing operation and improve production efficiency.

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Technical Specifcations

Print TechnologyDIW (Direct Ink Writing)
Build Volume370 x 390 x 470 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
Layer Resolution0.4 -2mm
Nozzle Diameter3mm
Print Speed10mm/s - 30mm/s
Supported Print MaterialsPorcelain, Clay etc
Operating systemsWindows, Mac, Linux
Slicer SoftwareCura, SLic3r, Simplify3D etc
Input Formats.STL, .OBJ etc
Output Format.GCODE
ConnectivityFull color touch screen, SD Card, USB
Input Rating100~240V AC, 50~60HZ
Physical Dimensions
Printer Frame Dimensions800 x 900 x 1200 mm(Width x Depth x Height)


This is the most recent addition to my equipment, sent by the Chinese company for me to have a look at. Much the same size as my original JK Delta this has a screw/auger printhead and clay delivery is via compressed air or mechanical ram. I have used it for doing a bunch of tests and it works well.

Jonathan Keep

Artist potter


The Eazao is a kickstarter, so do your own research before giving money. I personally wanted to play with ceramics enough that I backed their first kickstarter and I was happy to see this one appear. The Cerambot Eazao is a new 3d printer specifically for ceramics. For more information: https://youtu.be/56Cv3HEnIvQ


Caleb Kraft