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The pump used by the concrete 3D printer

Eazao’s concrete 3D printer, by using a pump, can automatically deliver concrete to the extruder [...]


What software do ceramic 3D printers use?

If you want to make more creative shapes, you need to do model design and [...]


Which clays can I use for printing?

The Eazao ceramic 3D printer supports most pottery clays, and you can buy them from [...]

Hardware Tutorial

Eazao Zero electric putter thrust upgrade

If you want to increase the thrust of the electric putter, you can do so [...]


Eazao Frequently Asked Questions

This article explains common problems such as the complete machine, electric putter, extruder, precautions, etc. [...]


Eazao ceramic 3D printer maintenance after printing

Equipment maintenance is a very important part of the use of ceramic 3D printers. After [...]

Hardware Tutorial

Electric putter – No response/Vibration/Noise

Common faults of Eazao Zero electric putter, such as the motor does not rotate and [...]


Ender 3 firmware update for Eazao Air Kit

For the Ceramic 3D Printer Kit | Eazao Kit, it is suitable for the firmware [...]


Eazao Air Kit | FDM ceramic 3D printer upgrade kit tutorial 2

Upgrade your FDM 3D printer to a ceramic 3D printer using this kit. This kit [...]

Software Tutorial

Eazao Ceramic 3D Printer Slicing Software Tutorial

Eazao ceramic 3D printer slicing software tutorial, which introduces the setting parameters of Eazao Zero [...]

Software Tutorial

Eazao kit firmware tutorial for other printers

Although we are currently only upgrading for Ender 3, other FDM printers are also possible. [...]

Software Tutorial

Summary of common problems with Cura settings

A summary of common problems with Cura settings, such as not modifying the temperature. [...]


Summary of Eazao Zero electric putter problems

A summary of common problems about the use of electric putters, such as the fast [...]


Eazao Zero Y-axis synchronous belt repair tutorial

Due to transportation and other issues, the Y-axis timing belt of Eazao Zero will fall [...]


Eazao Zero Repetier-host usage tutorial

Through Repetier-host, you can directly connect to the Eazao printer through the PC to realize [...]


Eazao Zero Direct Extrusion-500cc

This solution is aimed at particularly viscous printing materials, which are particularly hard and cannot [...]


Ceramic 3D Printing with Grasshopper

You can use rhino for modeling, and then directly generate gcode in Grasshopper for direct [...]


Ceramic 3D printing clay preparation tutorial

Press the syringe by hand, when the electronic scale reads about 2.5-3KG. [...]


FDM ceramic 3D printer upgrade kit tutorial

Upgrade your FDM 3D printer to a ceramic 3D printer using this kit. This kit [...]


Ceramic 3D Printing Accuracy

The layer thickness of Eazao Zero can be set to 0.4-1mm, and the nozzle supports [...]


Introduction of Microwave Kiln

The traditional firing of ceramic crafts is made in an electric furnace or a special [...]


Eazao Ceramic 3D Printer Software

We integrate modeling and slicing together to achieve a seamless connection between design and manufacturing. [...]


Testing of Six Clays for Extrusion 3D Printing

The aim of this research was to give some practical measurements to what characteristics are [...]


Clay for 3D printing

An overview of clay for 3D printing, including guidelines on clay preparation and clay recommendations. [...]

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