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Jony Administrator 11 months

1. The order from the United States has arrived at the Port of Los Angeles on October 15th. Due to the port congestion, they are still queuing to arrive at the port. The docking time of the port is uncertain, and the fastest pick-up of the goods will be 1-2 weeks later. This is the congestion information of US ports:

2. The EU orders have now arrived in Russia. The next stop is Mara, Poland. The EU orders will be cleared after arriving in Hungary, and then the goods will be picked up and dispatched. EU orders are expected to be picked up within this week, and the tracking number will be updated.

3. The Australian order has arrived at the port at the end of October, and it is expected to be picked up within 1-2 weeks, and the tracking number will be updated within 1-2 weeks. However, due to the current warehouse explosion in Australia, the pick-up time will be delayed.

4. The UK orders are on their way to the customs clearance site. It is expected that they can be picked up on November 5 as soon as possible, and the tracking number will be updated.

5. Canadian orders are affected by the typhoon. Ships have already started on October 15 and are expected to arrive at the Port of Toronto on November 5. Thank you again for your patience.